hi, my name is mo,  with the help of my mum i  decided to become a pig-lanthropist.  

in may of 2013 i was attacked by a dog.  i had both of my ears chewed off.  i was in and out of surgery for the next few months.  i had more and more tissue that had to be removed.  i got infections.  then more tissue died and more removed.  it was a very horrible time for me and my family.

me and mum got to thinking just how blessed of a pig family we were. first of all, i survived.  then, i had the best medical care we could find.  and most importantly, i had a family that loves me and could afford the veterinarian care.  you know not all pigs can say that!

i thought on that more and more.  i would lay awake at night worrying about other pigs. i told mum that we needed to do something about it.  she agreed and we throught of ways we could help.

mo money for pigs

on 13 september 2013 mo money for pigs was born.  

mo money for pigs offers help to all pigs on a case by case basis. while money is never given to individuals, we do pay for fees and costs associated with the health and care of all pigs.  we offer a hand up, not a hand out.