mo money for pigs, inc .........

is registered in the state of south carolina as a nonprofit corporation and is a federally recognized 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity. all donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution on united states federal tax returns. 

transportation - while transportations costs are not a large part of what we do, if the conditions are dire enough, we will help.  we can only help with costs if the transport is being done by a know rescue or sanctuary.  

what we do with our money

my journey

rescue fees - on a case by case basis depending on the level of our funds available we will cover the costs of releasing a pig from an animal control facility.  we will not buy pigs from any individual pig parent or breeder.

quarterly auction​the dates are flexible and posted on facebook well in advance of the event.  the auctions consist of the annual "cupig", "annual good ol' summer swine", "annual swine on harvest moon", and the "annual yule hog".  each auction is filled with mostly piggy related items.  as with the one day/one item auctions the beginning price covers all basic costs.  all profits are divided between mo money for pigs and one or more rescues or sanctuaries known for their work with pigs.

first let me define "all profits".  other than the cost of the item and the postage all money goes to help pigs.  no one gets a salary.  no money is spent on packing materials or tape.  so when an item is listed for auction at $40.00 and the winning bid is $100.00 then $60.00 goes into the general fund to help pigs.  period.  payments are made to ONLY medical facilities or veterinarians and established rescues and sanctuaries.  money will NEVER  be given to an individual no matter the case.  period. 

closet sales - randomly an item or items are offered up at a set price on a first come, first served basis on our facebook page.  the price is set to cover the cost of that item, postage, and make a profit that goes into the general fund unless a particular pig or cause is stated in the listing.   

one day/one item auctions- every sunday, except for easter, one pig related item is put up for auction on our facebook page.  this item is up for bids for approximately 24 hours.  the starting bid is set to cover the cost of the item and the estimated postage to send it off.  any amount over these costs and paypal fees it put into the general fund unless a specific pig or cause is stated at the beginning.

donations - donations are always welcomed either in cash or donated items tat will be auctioned or sold on our facebook page.  

 emergency care - we will help with emergency vet care needed for a pig who's pig parent does not have the funds required for this level of care.   if this is something that cannot be covered from the general fund then a special fund raiser is held with the hope of collecting enough to either cover the bill in full or to take most of the burden.

how we make our money

spays and neutersmo money for pigs pays as much as possible for these costs on rescued pigs.  this is done on case by case based on the level of money in the general fund.  if an owner can show us particular need we will help with at least 50% of the costs, again, case by case depending on the fund balance.  it is not our intent to cover a cost that should be the responsibility of the owners.  spays and neuters and all normal vet costs should be factored in when making the huge decision to get a pet pig.  we do realize that there are some times when everything goes wrong when you are going everything right.  it is then we offer an hand up not a hand out.   

fund raiser - there are times when funding is needed to help and the general fund cannot cover that need.  a call for help with an explanation as to the circumstances are posted on my facebook page.  cash donations are collected.  other than the fees charged by financial institution every penny goes to that particular cause.  if we happen to have excess funding then that donation will be refunded upon request or put into the general fund.