bacon was rescued and mo money for pigs provided the funds for the spay, microchip, worming, and vaccinations.  her named was changed to hickory. this was our first rescue and our first time working with gallastar therapeutic riding.  to this day gallastar and mo money have enjoyed a close relationship working together to make better the lives of many pigs.  

 stevie was given a vet check and neuter.  this was another collaboration between gallastar and mo money.

mo money for pigs ventured out into the world and other rescues.  we rushed to help prissy and bomber's pig pen after they took in 200 pigs from a hoarder in florida.  $400 was sent to cover some badly needed food.

after a name change from miss piggy to

bonita this beauty was given a good hoof trim and walked without pain for the first time in many years.  again, gallastar and mo money.


geronimo just needed a little taken off the top, the top of some pretty sharp tusks!  gallastar therapeutic riding, again.  lorelei and ron where our first sanctuary friends in the pig world.  they needed help and we had help to give.  that was a match!