spamela hamerson had major complication after her spay.  this was a close one but the folks at uga pulled her through.

cupcake ​stole the hearts of many.  once again we partnered with gallastar therapeutic riding.  this girl was born with a spinal defect.  mo money paid for her diagnostic testing and later purchased her a wheelchair.  while the chair did not work out for her, it was used by another pig and much was learned in the development of chairs for other pigs.  

mo money reached out to lil orphan hammy's on the west coast to pay the last bit to get romeo his vet care.  another lasting relationship was made with another great sanctuary.  

after days of of having trouble swallowing and choking buu was found to have a blockage in her throat from a bit of dried fruit.  this was our first step at becoming international because she is a canadian pig.  

chipping in for transportation costs got debbie​ to the safety of lil orphan hammy's.

after his original owner was injured and became a quadriplegic this fella had to find a new home, quickly.  the home was found but he needed to have a compete neuter.  it was determined that chewie ​had cryptorchidism.  this cost was covered and he moved to his forever home.   

this family had lost a child leaving a great void in their lives.  then pigtoria came along and helped them heal.  mo money was proud to help this service family pay for her spay. 

jethro and elly may were a bonded pair placed in the asheville humane society adoption center in north carolina.   we paid the shelter fees so these to could find there way into a loving home.

ivy  was pregnant and a rescue.  she was taken to a vet to be checked over and to have a radiograph to determine how she was doing as a soon to be mama.  from there to her forever home where she had four piglets.  

a spay was provided to lil bit as a blessing to her mum who has done so much for so many.  

not all stories have a happy ending.  the mo money for pigs suffered their first loss.  trooper was born with too many birth defects to overcome.  he was a victim of bad breeding and human greed.  rest in peace little one.  we take some peace in knowing you are running free on the far side of the rainbow bridge.

we lost a beautiful heart when miss terry degaw crossed that rainbow bridge to be with the hundreds of animals she had cared for in her lifetime.  sadly, many animals were left behind.  mo money for pigs helped with the costs of moving them to atlasta home sanctuary.  it was a huge task and we wished we could have done more.  and in 2015, we did. 

mo money for pigs went to south africa to help the only pig rescue there, pigs 'n' paws.  while many improvements were made there was an impasse on several key points.  no breeding being number one.  while we parted ways over this point it was good to know that the people of south africa stepped up to give this rescue help they so desperately need.  it is our prayer they get on track and stop having piglets.  

elvis ​got his neuter on his way to his forever home.   

as a blessing to a person in their time of need a spay was provided to demeter, THE pig.

time after time lidiya would have episodes of coughing and wheezing.  she was getting so bad that she would just pass out after a episode.  for weeks tests were done.  then, the episodes stopped.  

dear sweet sunny.  she needed her spay.  her mum had suffered a loss and was afraid to take the chance of surgery.  together the strength was found and the spay was done successfully. 

frankie was abandoned in a park in wisconsin in the winter.  he was in bad shape.  pulled from the shelter malnourished and full of mange  miss aimee brought him back to health and then placed him in a wonderful forever home.  mo money paid for his care and his neuter.

arnie started out with a hard life.  he found a loving home and we found the money to get him his neuter.

abandoned in the cold canadian winter miss liz and her dad finally caught freddy and got him to a vet.  with just a touch of frostbite he was soon better and into a nice warm stall.

dog attacks are always brutal.  the damage to the body and soul of a pig is very pronounced.  dear sweet charlotte was attacked by the family dog.  the mo money for pigs family pulled together and raised thousands to cover the vet care.  we almost lost her, but, with much love and support she is enjoying life with her family and the dog was placed with another good family as well.  


elvis pigsly might be in the building but after his neuter and the "boys" are not.  

and we ended the year with two spays for truffles and annabelle​.