nothing like a spay to keep those mood swings under control and to prolong a life.  we were happy to help melba get hers done.

this is a uterine tumor on dear henrietta.  it weighted 103 pounds.  while not all pigs without a spay get them, many do.  bless the doctors and staff at the university of tennessee for performing such a complicated bit of surgery and saving this sweet girl.

dogs always go for the ears and petunia was no exception.  her ears were saved and this will become just a very bad memory.

dear, dear sugarpiggy left us.  she had a tumor and at the age of 13 chances of a recovery were small but the reality of suffering were quite large.  her mum allowed her to go peacefully and without pain.  yes, sugarpiggy was greatly loved to the very end.  

2015, part two