miss piggy ​was all set to get her spay.  we called the vet and set it up.  but the vet felt it was not a good idea for her.  nothing you can do but go with what the doctor orders.  she did get a full check up and he will re-evaluate her at a later date.

a spay is always an important part of the health of a sow.  while pink is not so thrilled now, she will be.

​happy hooves finally finished!!

most of the pigs had made it to safety in florida at prissy and bomber's pig pen, their final home, well over a year before.  but a few had been left at cotton branch animal sanctuary with the promise of their being moved "later".  mo money for pigs learned of this broken promise and set out to make it a reality.  it took most of the pig community to make this happen, but happen it did.  great thanks to jan at cotton branch for caring for them for so long and making all the travel arrangements.  great thanks to richard at the pig preserve for taking the lot of them in.  and great thanks to all of you that supported this effort with money and prayers.  it was happy hooves that first got our interest in rescue.  it was a great relief to know this task of shutting down happy hooves was finally compete.

minnie had been throwing up for three days.  she was getting weak and her throat quite raw.  the vet ave her a strong antibiotic to kill what nasty stomach bug and got her hydrated.


​a prosthetic leg?  why not?   miracle stated life in the bitter cold in a small cage.  her leg was badly frost bit and could not be saved.  so we helped her get a new one, in a very fashionable animal print!

on a diet of nothing but veggie soup cricket was a bit malnourished.  her muscle development was a bid behind but she was more than willing to eat what it took to get back on track.   another vet check.  another spay.  another family with a pig as one of its members.

you see a pig and fall in love, happens all the time.  how could anyone resist piper?  a bit of loving care and a spay to make her one of the family.  and i see she has had no trouble with the adjustment.

working with hooves marching for mercy, a georgia sanctuary, these boys got their much needed neuters.  there was a fun contest to name them.  so please let me introduce moon pie and sunshine.  miss mandi tells us they are love bugs.  if you are looking to adopt a pig please consider one from this rescue!

some many times a person can afford to keep a pig but just not cover that initial cost, so to help kevin get his start in life we paid for his neuter.

loki stole everyone heart.  born with a defect that kept the front leg bones from connecting to the spine he took a nasty tumble down the stairs the first time he tried them.  this injured his lower spine.  some laser therapy to help him heal.  some strengthening exercises and he will be read to  be fitted with a wheeled cart.  he is always all smiles!!

found in a shelter in north carolina, alone and afraid, she was rescued and taken to a forever home.  we got her a well check up and a spay.  good luck tulip ​in your new home!

when ms mo needed a forever home wallow in the woods stepped up to take her.  while our friends there work on getting their 501(c)3 we are the piggy bank holding her funds for a spay till she drops a few pounds and it can be done safely.  

why pigs have seizures is sometimes never known.  but we do know they need to be seen by a vet to at least see if a reason can be found.  misty ​had many tests run but no cause found.  knowing what it is not... well, that is important too.

harvey ​and his human were kicked out of their home due to a family squabble.  all that was asked was to buy some hay to keep warm.  of course we sent it!

this is my bud willie from wallow in the woods animal sanctuary.  mum and flat mo visited on the day he was to get neutered so we went ahead and covered that. 

paisleigh had a dog chew toy with which to play.  she had eaten so many of the fibers that they ended up in a ball in her stomach causing an obstruction that almost killed her!  thanks to the bloom fund at the university of michigan,  mo money for pigs only needed to cover about half of the bill.

"i don't know if you can help me... but....."  this coming from a woman that has spent her life rescuing?  of course we can.  seems little elmer was in box outside a local restaurant being sold for a few dollars.  we helped with a vet and having her meet some long time pig owners.  once again the pig magic took over and and this pig has it made.

so often feed stores will sell off pigs like a sack of corn.  that is where russell was found.  he was not doing well with those hot lights and no food and water.  he was taken to a vet and got his check up and a neuter on his way to his forever home.

one day it was noticed that punkin' pig could not hear very well.  just out of the blue.  there was a yeast infection deep in the ears.  while that did get cleared up some hearing was lost.

dear sweet sadie was taken from us because she ate a desiccant from a beef jerky package no one knew had fallen to the floor.  who would have though something that deadly would be allowing inside a food package?  for months everything that could be done was done but in the end there was just too much damage to repair.  please join "justice for sadie" on facebook.  all we want is for jack link's to change the warnings on their product to reflect the true danger and change the packaging to ensure this will not happen again.

mako had a bad fall on the ice and ended up with a spiral fracture.  his mum had already paid for everything but there was talk of amputation and all sorts of horrible things and she reached out to mo money to help with that.  thankfully he healed very well and all there was left to pay was one office visit to have the cast removed.

this poor girl suffered a prolapsed rectum.  wilma got to the vet as quickly as we could make arrangements.  the vet had her fixed up and heading home in no time.

rootie was having seizures.  so many possible causes.  he got a full exam with blood work.  a few imbalances found.  all better!

having a rooting box is a must for any pig that needs to stay indoors but we have learned from ​jobe ann you need to be careful with the size rocks you use.  we sure were surprised when she ate a small one and ended up in surgery to remove the obstruction.  pigs, always something new to learn.

before we could recover we lost another sweet soul.  little bella was taken quickly.  one day she had a few spots on her leg and a few days later she was dead.  the necropsy did not give any answers.  with no answers there is no peace.  what happened?  could it happen again?  no one knows.  all we know is the pain of missing her.

​talk about something looking was worse than it was.  you cannot leave a pig alone for a second can you?  one minute she is sitting in the back seat enjoying the drive, the next she has a seat coil stuck to her eyelid.  demeter, THE pig is not just any pig.  takes talent to pull this off.  no damage at all.  other than the heart attack her mum got when she turned around to see this!! 

another dog attack.  rootsie was attacked by the family dog.  there were no warning signs.  they had gotten along just fine for many years.  till one day they did not.  with vet care her physical healing is well underway.  with love her emotional healing will take time.

named the jingle boys by esther's army we worked with lil orphan hammy to get these boys pulled from a los angeles kill shelter, neutered, and transported.  jingle and jangle ​are living the good life now.  they just don't jingle and jangle like they used to do.

it is not very often we help with the big pigs but when esther's army asked we said... sure, why not.  we helped pay for london's neuter and covered his transport to his forever home.  special thanks to hooves marching for mercy for taking the time to go get him and take him to his home.  moving a large pig... well, it is an even larger task and they carried it off perfectly.

mum, can i have a pig?  not what every mum wants to here but in this case the answer was "sure, but......"  yes, always comes to a but.   mo money got his but to the vet and had him neutered. welcome to the good life ginch​!

poor penelope ​had a bad pregnancy ending in a c-section.  while she was under a spay was preformed.  while her mum had some money she did not have enough to cover something this intense.  we covered what she could not.  another service family helped.