this third quarter event will have an autumn and back to school theme. bock to school?  well, for humans as pigs are already smart enough.  

2014 - ​all profits went to the pig preserve in tennessee

2015 - ​profits went to atlasta home sanctuary in texas.

2015 -  50/50 split of profits to wallow in the woods in georgia.  

annual yule hog auctions

annual good ol' summer swine auctions

swine on harvest moon auctions

sometime in the first quarter of the year dates will be selected and posted on facebook.  generally this around the end of january.  a valentine's day theme of course!  

annual cu-pig auctions

after thanksgiving we have our final auction of the year.  as always, this will be posted on facebook and as you could guess, it will be a Christmas theme.

2015 - profits went to last chance ranch in southern California

2015 -  $1000 sent to all creatures animal sanctuary in georgia

durning the second quarter of the year this event will post on facebook.  summertime fun!